Lesson 5 – Possessive Pronouns

Musée du Louvre, Arts de l’Islam
Fès, 14th century
sculpted wood and painted,

The Arabic language uses suffixes to express possession, adding it at the end of the words. It happens also in some European dialects and languages. Every suffix changes with each person.

In Arabic language there is any possessive pronoun as “my”, “Mein” “mon” “mi” “mio”. They just add a suffix at the end of the object:

Kitāb (book) -> + ī kitābī = my book

Uhkt (sister) -> +kum ukhtukum = your(pl) sister

Qalam (pen) -> + nā qalamnā = our pen

Umm (mother) -> +ka ummuka =your mother

Bayt (home) -> + baytuhun = their (f.) home